SAMPLE: The Wisdom Project Podcast Episode #004: Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Robert Penn Warren

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries


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00:00:00 - Episode Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: Introduction to Episode #004 of the Wisdom Project.

Subjects: Test

00:00:00 - Host (Boyd): Robert Penn Warren, the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X

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Partial Transcript: My name is Doug Boyd, Director of the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, in the University of Kentucky Libraries.

Segment Synopsis: Boyd discusses the author/poet Robert Penn Warren and his 1964 oral history interviews wi

Keywords: "Who Speaks for the Negro"; Civil Rights Movement.; Robert Penn Warren; Segregation

00:00:00 - Host (Boyd): Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Partial Transcript: By the time of this interview in 1964, Martin Luther King had long been a leading voice in the Civil Rights Movement

Segment Synopsis: Boyd introduces Warren's interview with Martin Luther King Jr.

Keywords: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; SNCC; nonviolence; protest

00:03:02 - King: the next phase of Integration

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Partial Transcript: Those are phases, shall we say, in a process. What is the next phase one might envisage?

Segment Synopsis: King discusses what he envisions as the next phase of efforts to bring about a "thoroughly integrated society."

Keywords: Integration; Martin Luther King Jr.; methods; nonviolence

00:04:27 - King: Disagreement on his philosophy

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Partial Transcript: Although the passage and signing of the Civil Rights Act later that summer was a major step forward legislatively, by 1964 there seemed to be growing disagreement as to the most effective strategies for protest.

Segment Synopsis: Warren asks Dr. King about disagreement emerging regarding his advocacy of nonviolence. King elaborates on his philosophy. King addresses the arguments against his nonviolent methods.

Keywords: Kenneth Clark; nonviolence

00:07:36 - Malcolm X: Advocating Violence

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Partial Transcript: In his interview with Malcolm X a few months later, Robert Penn Warren hears a much different perspective

Segment Synopsis: Malcolm X questions the philosophy of nonviolence and advocates the right to defend oneself. Warren inquires about Malcolm X working with SCLC and Dr. King.

Keywords: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Nation of Islam; Religion; SCLC; defense; violence

00:09:33 - Malcolm X: Thoughts on Martin Luther King

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Partial Transcript: Malcolm X then clarifies a nuanced distinction between his beliefs and philosophies, and those of Dr. King's

Segment Synopsis: Warren asks Malcolm X about the philosophies of Martin Luther king.

Keywords: Martin Luther King; methods; nonviolence; objectives

00:10:23 - King: Clarifying his views on violence

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Partial Transcript: Let's now return to the interview with Martin Luther King.

Segment Synopsis: Robert Penn Warren asks King about how an assassination attempt on King that took place 1958 in Harlem impacted his views on violence. He discusses opposing viewpoints advocating violence, specifically he reacts to Black Nationalism and their critique of his approach. Discusses Malcolm X.

Keywords: Black Nationalism; Harlem; Malcolm X; assassination; nonviolence; violence

00:14:21 - Episode Epilogue

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Partial Transcript: These are oral history interviews, not speeches.

Segment Synopsis: Host Doug Boyd closes reflecting on the philosophies of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Keywords: Malcolm X; Matin Luther King; Robert Penn Warren

00:15:22 - Credits